Next Reunion in three years
Juergen Groth organized the Broderius-reunion

Till last increased the number of participants of the Broderius family reunion. Were there surprising or exciting moments?

Despite the high number of participants (143 applications, 136 participants), we were surprised how quickly the conversations at the tables started. Particularly strong was the interest of the group of people between 25 and 45 years. There were no inhibitions, to exchange experiences. My wife Angelika and I are surprised how well this reunion was received by all participants.

Has the reunion of Broderius-clan brought new evidence, or even raised new questions?

Because of the personal contact to me at that reunion, the family members are willing to send me more information in the form of pictures and documents. They even sight their basement or attic story for boxes with the inheritance of their forefathers.

What's next - when will you start your return visit?

A new reunion should be at our unisonous opinion in three years. My wife and I will visit from 26th September to 8th October on an America-journey Claus Broderius in New Jersey and the Broderius-families in Minnesota . Another goal is to create a Broderius-family chronicle. (bi)

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